Can I Obtain A Schengen Visa Without Dummy Itinerary?

Imagining travelling to your dream destination excites the most. But it can become tedious when one begins to imagine the dozens of documents they have to submit for visa application. 

However, planning your vacation wisely and organising your documents beforehand can save you time and energy. The fact that you can obtain a Schengen visa without a dummy ticket is baseless. As a flight reservation for visa application is the most essential visa supporting document, failure to submit it might reject your visa application. 

So, the straightaway answer to this question is that you have to buy the dummy itinerary for Schengen visa. You must submit it as you will have to face rejection, delay, or might restart your visa application process. And you might not want to do it again. Henceforth, we have enlisted some guidelines about Schengen visa processing, the importance of a dummy itinerary, and how to book one at low prices. 

Guidelines About Schengen Visa Application

A visa application is the first step to your travel destination. If you make it to successful visa processing, your travelling plan may stay manageable, and you may get to travel on the exact dates you planned. 

However, with the guidelines mentioned below, your visa application will consume less time, and you may travel on the dates you planned.

First of all, you need to submit the visa documents. Your documents must be valid, and they must be submitted according to the Schengen visa requirements. 

The list of essential documents is as follows

  • Valid Passport. It must contain blank pages for stamp purposes. You must renew it before submitting the visa application if it is close to expiry.
  • Recent passport-size photographs. Your photographs must be identical to your current presence.
  • Visa application form. Read, filled, and submitted along with payment. 
  • Dummy itinerary for Schengen visa. Remember when making reservations for a dummy itinerary that it must be a round trip. 
  • Dummy Hotel Booking
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Cover Letter and 
  • NOC Letter. 

Importance Of Dummy Itinerary For Schengen Visa

A dummy itinerary is not only mandatory for a Schengen visa. But it is required for every visa application globally. It is an important supporting document because it ensures the visa officer/embassy that the applicant will leave the country once his/her stay is over. Often applicants plan a trip and never return to their home country. They start living illegally. 

To reduce the chances of illegal acts and keep the visa process clean and smooth, supporting documents must be submitted. A dummy itinerary can be purchased at half price, so even if you do not make it to obtain a visa, your half money is saved. Next, it can make the travel schedule easy for you because of the dates you provide. Lastly, your visa officer is convinced with the dummy itinerary, and he may give you a visa directly. 

How To Book Dummy Tickets At Low Prices?

You can book low-cost dummy tickets from travel agents and websites offering travel services. Travel agents deal daily with many applicants, so they have good knowledge about dummy tickets and where to book. The next option to purchase a dummy dummy ticket for visa is through verifiable travelling services providing a website.

When booking a dummy ticket from a website, you must check for the website’s authenticity. Once satisfied with the website, book your dummy ticket and submit it for the visa application. Remember, the validity of a dummy ticket is only fifteen days. So once you receive your visa, make full payment for the dummy ticket and convert it into the original ticket.

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