Desert Safari tour in dubai :Get advanture of Desert in a budget

This is the most popular desert safari tour in Dubai and combines dune bashing with sandboarding, henna painting and a sunset dinner at a Bedouin camp. It has an excellent 4.5/5 rating on Viator and is recommended for families.

Upgrade to the premium experience to enjoy all the desert must-dos but with added comfort and style. After your hotel pick-up in a 4WD, admire the sunset then head to a desert fortress where you’ll spend the night.

Dune Bashing

Experience the thrill of a Desert Safari tour in dubai by racing up and down the golden dunes in a Land Cruiser with an expert driver. Unlike most other desert tours, this one also includes sand boarding and a short camel ride.

It’s a bumpy and thrilling hour of sliding, skidding, and spinning – all punctuated with sporadic seat-gripping, different decibels of screaming, and lots of sand. The drive is usually timed to end just before sunset, so you can capture some pretty cool Instagram pictures.

If dune bashing is your only interest, this is the tour for you. It’s a great option for families with kids and for people who don’t want to spend the entire evening at a fake Bedouin camp. But it’s not recommended for those with back problems or who are afraid of heights. You can request that your driver skips the dune bashing if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They will still take you to the desert, but to a more remote part where the dunes are smaller and it’s safer to ride dune buggies.

Camel Riding

A camel ride is an essential part of any desert safari. These gentle animals have been a staple of the Middle East for centuries and offer an experience that leaves modern life far behind. Many tours incorporate the camel ride with other activities such as dune bashing, star-lit Bedouin barbecues and traditional entertainment shows.

Depending on your tour, you may be able to dress in traditional Arabian clothes such as a Kandora and an Abaya for a more authentic experience. During the short camel ride, you will get to sit on one of the double-humped animals and take a stroll around the area with your guide.

Most desert safari tours will include dinner at a luxurious desert camp after the short camel ride. Guests are served a four-course meal such as soup, appetizers, meat or fish and dessert. They can also enjoy shisha smoking and drinks such as water, tea and soft beverages. You can even opt for a full overnight desert safari.

Henna Painting

Henna is a popular Middle Eastern, Indian and Pakistani form of body painting that uses a paste made from the henna plant to create tattoo-like designs on hands and feet. Often used on brides as a symbol of good health, beauty, prosperity and awakening, the paint stains the outer layer of skin and fades after a few days.

Take a step back in time on this unique safari experience that explores Dubai’s desert as it was in the 1950s. Spot native wildlife and learn about the desert ecosystem from a professional conservation guide.

Vivid and compelling, The Henna Artist offers a portrait of a woman navigating the complexities of traditional and modern life. Lakshmi is a likable, self-made character readers will want to root for. The novel offers an engaging look into a world both lush and fascinating, yet stark and cruel. It’s a richly rendered story of family, ambition and sacrifice. A must-read.


A popular way to experience the sand dunes at night is the desert safari tour. It starts with a pickup from your hotel or residence. You then drive out into the desert in a 4WD to start your adventure. After an adrenaline pumping dune bashing ride you reach a Bedouin-style Desert Camp where you get to enjoy BBQ dinner and a beguiling belly dance performance.Book your trip on HolidayDesertSafari.

Other optional activities that are offered on some tours include quad riding and sand boarding (similar to snowboarding but on the sand). Henna painting is also an activity that some tours offer. You can also try on some traditional Arabian clothes such as Khandoura for men and Abaya for women. You can also smoke sheesha or have a cup of hot Arabic coffee.

While most desert safaris are enjoyable and safe, they can be physically taxing for some people. This is why they are not recommended for children under 6 or people over 65.

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